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Agmark provides bulk liquid transport services that are safe, dependable, and environmentally sound. Our custom-built tank containers are made of high-quality stainless steel and can safely transport temperature sensitive liquid foods such as wine, spirits, dairy products, and juices.


Agmark ships a variety of food grade, edible, pharmaceutical grade, and other non-contaminating bulk liquids. We typically handle products such as fruit juices, milk products, sweeteners, vegetable oils, animal fats, chocolate, wine, spirits, beverage preparations, essences, and similar products. We have vast experience handling intermodal transport of dairy products. Our expertise spans the domestic and international markets, and Agmark is well-known for importing large amounts of orange juice from international sources.

Agmark is committed to the highest standards of food safety. For all shipments, Agmark carefully considers prior load compatibility and strictly adheres to tank container wash protocols. We closely follows wash guidelines from the Juice Products Association (JPA) to determine the correct type of wash for subsequent loads. In the absence of JPA guidance, we work with individual customers and commercial wash facilities to implement appropriate wash procedures. We can provide kosher washes upon request, and we can arrange for additional high purity procedures such as pickling and passivation as part of our food grade transport.

Our rigorous attention to food safety especially applies when shipping hazardous materials such as high proof alcohol and food grade acids.


Agmark Logistics offers customized logistic solutions to meet any type or size of chemical commodity shipment. Our experts can source the correct style and size of ISO tank no matter what commodity you ship, including biofuels, feedstocks, acids, liquified natural gas, ethanol, paints, and other types of chemicals. Agmark Logistics has successful long-term relationships with railroads across North America and steamship lines around the world, and we are reliable partners who are dedicated to working tirelessly toward the success of our customers.