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Agmark Logistics operates state-of-the-art tanks that meet the highest standards of strength, safety, and cleanliness.


Agmark’s tanks are designed to meet the highest worldwide standards for intermodal shipping, including United Nations and ISO requirements for tank containers. Safety is one of our top concerns, and our tankers meet the standards for safe transport of bulk liquid goods on road, rail, or ocean.

In addition, Agmark holds itself to the highest standards of quality. Every component of our tanks has been carefully selected and designed to align with this elevated standard, including our use of low carbon stainless steel, sanitary valves, and thick insulation. Agmark Logistics’ tanks are purpose built to move foods that are perishable and time sensitive, and they can also safely transport liquids such as corrosive acids or flammable alcohol.

Operating Instructions

Sizes and Appearance

In the US, our tanks have payload limits of 48,000 to 50,000 pounds. Internationally, our tanks can carry 28 metric tons (depending on local laws). If Agmark containers are transported between other countries and the US, overweight permits may allow loading the tanks to international limits.

Tanks have been designed for international shipping in stacks up to 9 containers high while fully loaded.

Tanks will clear overhead obstructions 12’2’’ (3.71 meters) high with a standard drop frame tank chassis and will clear 13’6″ (4.11 meters) on standard flatbed trailers.

Tank sizes:
5,300 gallons (20,000 liters)
5,550 gallons (21,000 liters)
5,800 gallons (22,000 liters)
6,300 gallons (24,000 liters)
6,600 gallons (25,000 liters)
6,850 gallons (26,000 liters)


  • Products Handled:
    Dairy products, concentrated and single strength fruit juices, vegetable oils, spirits, wine, chocolate, alcohol, beverage preparations, essences, hot or cold bulk liquids, food products, chemicals, and fuels.
    Temperature Control:
    Not mechanically refrigerated, super-insulated to hold temperature gain or loss to approximately one degree (F) or less per day depending on conditions. R-value: R28 to R35.
  • External Temperature Control:
    Steam channels for reheating or cooling products. In-transit heat is available while hooked to tractor.
    Chassis Requirements:
    43’ low center of gravity – provided by Agmark in the US; outside US, as required by law and provided by trucker.
  • Construction:
    316L (low-carbon) food grade stainless steel inner cylinder, welds ground and polished, super insulation, outer aluminum or GRP wrap, housed in ISO frame for lifting.
    International Approvals:
    Low center of gravity – provided by Agmark in the US; outside US, as required by law and provided by trucker. ISO, CSC, RID/ADR, UIC, IMDG, AAR 600, TIR Customs, TC, UK DETR, US DOT 49 CFR, UN Portable Tank Code, ASME VIII.
  • Public Health Certification:
    FDA 3A sanitary, USDA, Wisconsin Dept AG, plus various state agencies.
    Food Safety:
    Open book policy to customers proves that units were never used to carry products dangerous to human health.
  • Seals:
    All openings sealable, as per US customs. 1/8″ cable seals or better are recommended.
    Physical Safety:
    Crash tested to 4G.
  • Bottom Discharge Outlets Type 1:
    3″ ACME male threads (3A sanitary 60TTF milk valve). Units require a tight radius 90-degree elbow (8’’) with two closures.
    Bottom Discharge Outlets Type 2:
    3″ camlock, three closures, suitable for high-hazard products.