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As a pioneer in the intermodal shipping industry, Agmark facilitates shipping of bulk liquids around the globe. Our logistics professionals provide premium service and are experts that can handle any shipment size.


Agmark’s comprehensive shipping and logistics system allows for rapid planning and execution of shipping plans. Customers can simply specify the origin, destination, time requirements, and food handling specifications, and our shipping experts will do the rest. Agmark’s professional logistics coordinators utilize our proprietary software to keep freight on schedule and provide real-time status and location updates.

Using our own ISO tank containers that have been cleaned to the highest food grade specifications, we pick up your shipment for transport via truck. Our drivers deliver the tank containers to either an intermodal rail or an ocean shipping facility for fuel-efficient long haul transport. Once the shipment reaches the destination long haul facility, the containers are loaded back onto trucks for delivery to the final destination. We monitor, route, and track the shipment in real-time as it travels through the intermodal system, and we keep you updated along the way.


Every intermodal shipping journey begins and ends with a truck. For customers currently using over-the-road trucks, we simplify the switch to Agmark tank containers by building our equipment to be nearly identical in functionality to road tractors and trailers. In the US, our trucks haul our ISO tank containers on specially-built drop frame hauler chassis. These chassis improve safety by lowering the center of gravity, and the custom configuration allows us to haul a similar amount of weight as over-the-road alternatives. Outside of the US, we use the prescribed chassis for the job.

Our bulk liquid food tank containers have the same capacity, manlids, and valves as those used in road transportation. Once the shipment is loaded, our trucks transport the containers to rail or ship terminals for long distance transport. Once the shipment arrives at the receiving terminal, trucks pick up the tanks and deliver them to the appropriate destination.


Agmark uses rail systems as a conveyor belt to move freight over long distances on land. There are nearly 150,000 miles of rail track operated by freight railroads in North America, and the shipping experts at Agmark can help you find the best route for shipping your products via rail. Our team will consider your product, destination, and time requirements to configure custom services to fit your unique intermodal shipping needs.

Railroads are a green transportation alternative to highways. In a single intermodal shipping move from Florida to California, shipping by rail saves enough fuel to drive a car over 7,000 miles.


Agmark Logistics can ship to any part of the globe, and our IMO, ISO, and T11 tank containers meet the strictest standards of quality, safety, and cleanliness for transporting bulk liquid foods. Though some ocean shipping vessels can accommodate as many as 14,000 of our bulk ISO tanks, smaller ships are usually our preferred ocean freight forwarder method. These ships allow us to get closer to origin and destination facilities.

If you ship hazardous materials, our equipment meets the regulatory requirements for shipping dangerous goods at sea. We comply with the Convention for Safe Containers and are listed under the U.S. Coast Guard’s Continuous Inspection Program and the NVOCC. For customers who require ocean shipping to source raw materials or to sell products, the intermodal shipping experts at Agmark can design the ideal shipping plan.