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Accessorial Rates

Effective 10/1/2023







Billed in quarter‐hour increments


Stop In Transit




Yard Pull/Storage Spot

California: $350+FSC

Florida: $250+FSC

Midwest: $375+FSC

Northeast: $450+FSC

Pacific Northwest: $375+FSC

Texas: $350+FSC

All other regions: $375+FSC





Cancelled Load


Cancellation within 24 hours prior to loading, plus cost of re‐wash if applicable





Redelivery Fee

$600+FSC minimum

Local rates apply


Drop Fee

$300+FSC minimum

Local rates apply


Out‐of‐route Miles


$4.00 per mile


Tolls (due to out‐of‐route miles)


At cost


Public Scale Fee


$50 plus out‐of‐route miles


Extra Cleaning


$250 minimum

Plus additional wash fees as applicable


Additional wash services


At cost

e.g., swab test, tank drying


Heel Disposal


At cost




$85 per hour minimum

Local rates apply






Tank detention




Tank & chassis detention




Specialized fittings


Cost of parts + shipping


International documentation